Covid-19 Updates

Alert Level 3 — Lockdown


This means that the Delta strain of Covid is in Aotearoa and that people are becoming infected. So not good! As part of the team we need to stay at home, this is now your 'bubble'. If you need food, let your mum/dad/aunty/caregivers go and get it. They need to wear masks if they are going food shopping. You can run around your house multiple time and if you go for a walk, make sure it's in your local neighbourhood and wear a mask. There is no school! Well as in you don't need to go to school, BUT there will online work for you to do...YASSS! If you need to go to your doc for any reason, give them a call first, you might be able to chat via email or another way. AND, if you need/want takeaways you can!!!! Supporting our local cafes and businesses is best!

Be cool and stay at home!

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