Winter Camp July/August 2021

'Was such an epic time", "It was actually really hot at Rainbow", "I had 4 bowls of mac and cheese-so yum!", "Those eels were massive!"

Just some of the feedback from camp! We had 30 young people and 8 awesome staff. We staying at Nelson Lakes Travers Sabine Lodge and it was fantastic. After arriving on Friday night, eating kai and the craziness of the first night, we were all up by 6am, breakfast, dressed and ready to leave to go to Rainbow Ski Field. A full day of skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, playing cards of eating was great!

Sunday we had a sleep in, up at 8am! Off to feed the eels and go for a walk through the old railway at Kawateri Junction! 

The camp was not only great to get outdoors, but also to provide opportunities for young people to have fun, connect with caring adults, but also to have those moments to unpack life. 

Thanks Tu Manawa Trust to funding to make it happen and for those who provided baking!

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