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We are super excited to be in your youth space-HQ. Our role is to support rangatahi to be happy, hopeful and healthy!

Sometimes life can be tricky and finding the right person to chat with can be hard. Here at HQ we have some amazing youth workers and nurses who are always available to chat. 

The team are here Monday to Friday's between 3.30-5pm. If these times don't suit let us know and we can find another time to chat. It's confidential.

We also have some great youth leaders that are super helpful to play pool with, grab a cup of tea and have a chat with.


Come and say hello, Whanake is a rainbow friendly space. HQ is your safe space where you can hear your own voice and feel good about it.


There’s free wifi, pool table and games in the chill zone.

Outside is Stoke Youth Park with skate park and basketball court with a wheelchair accessible picnic bench.


The Whanake team are onsite Monday to Friday 3.30-5pm.



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There’s a lot that goes on at WHANAKE.

HQ is a cool space where you can create while having fun.

There are film nights, creative workshops, cooking, holiday activities and other community events.


Being part of WHANAKE is like having another home and comes with some great opportunities.


Why not try out joining our youth leadership team, represent on the Board or be a peer mentor? Or become a part of the crew at SYP Café?


Whether you're keen or just curious, come have a chat with us about it.

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